The island has great bug rental companies. Rent one and enjoy the wonders of the island.


Buggy ride to the main beaches of the island, accompanied by an accredited guide. The itinerary can include Atalaia beach and snorkeling.

Underwater board

A super fun experience that will provide you, holding a board, know the bottom of the sea being towed by boat.

Boat ride

It crosses the Sea of ​​Inside until Ponta da Sapata, with right to snorkel in the Bay of the Sancho - and almost certain company of dolphins. Includes underwater board.

Atalaia Trail

Immerse yourself in coral reefs, colorful fish, and other animals in the natural pool that forms at low tide. Accredited guide follow-up (prior appointment required).

Southeastern Water Trail

Snorkeling in the Southeast Bay, accompanied by a guide. At high tide, the chance is great to see turtles and small sharks.

Project NAVI

A boat trip with transparent background to observe the underwater landscape, as in a fascinating scientific expedition, with explanations about the ecosystem.

Sport fishing

There are three modes: curriculum (line drawn by the boat in motion), fall (engine stopped and line in the background) and bottom (boat anchored and line in the background).